Edana Davis

Edana’s background in art began at a young age where she grew up in the coastal town of Wilmington, NC. It was there that she attended Saint John’s Art School. Her teacher, Hester Donnely, taught Edana the fundamentals of painting to the process of exhibiting artwork.

Growing up in a small coastal town with the salty air, boating, fishing and riding bikes until the sun dipped behind the tops of trees are her childhood memories that truly inspire her creative works.

For many years Edana traveled the back roads of Europe photographing cobblestone villages, churches, nature and bits and pieces of everyday life. She enjoys capturing the calm stillness of summertime colors and nature’s light, searching for bits and pieces of simple, honest thoughts in unlikely places. Natural light against shadows tells the truth to pieces of life. Old weathered souls, truth of hands and darkness of shadows become the untold stories of her paintings.